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our mission 

Atlanta Growing Leadership Of Women (GLOW)'s mission is to encourage, educate and equip young, low-income women to be thriving, self-sustaining leaders and effective agents of economic growth within their communities.



As a group, women and girls of color (WGOC) live at the intersection of multiple systems of oppression, yet few programs and organizations focus on their unique experiences, challenges and needs. Atlanta GLOW's programs seek to fill this gap by examining the intersectional factors that both drive and deny their leadership cultivation and opportunities. Our programs then prioritize a multi-pronged approach to help lead and launch traditionally marginalized young WGOC towards lives filled with opportunities for personal fulfillment, upward mobility, civic engagement and career advancement.



Founded in 2014, Atlanta GLOW is a faith-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that serves young women and girls, ages 14-25, from underserved communities. We want to see more girls grow up with the vision and motivation to change the pattern of poverty and challenge the system of inequality for themselves and future generations. Therefore, through our mentoring and life skills programs, Atlanta GLOW models and teaches the social-emotional, leadership and life skills they need to successfully transition to adulthood and become thriving, active members of society. Through Atlanta GLOW's assistance programs, we also provide access to food, school, hygiene and period supplies to help fight food insecurity, period poverty and learning loss in underserved communities while promoting the health, safety and wellness of WGOC and their families. 



Atlanta GLOW prioritizes a diverse board, leadership and staff who amplify our mission, strengthen our organizational capacity, and are reflective of the community of women we serve. We also lean on the strength and expertise of skilled volunteers and community-based partnerships to accomplish our organizational and program goals and sustain positive outcomes. Our Executive Director oversees our ongoing executive, administrative and programmatic operations, and is supported by a C.O.R.E. Team (Committed, Organized, and Resourceful individuals promoting Excellence in Teamwork) of committed volunteers as well as a seasonally rotating group of guest speakers, workshop facilitators, and mentors. 


Ashlie James, M.A., B.A.

Founder and Executive Director, Atlanta Growing Leadership Of Women (GLOW), Inc.


Jennifer Hrabowski, M.B.A., M.S.

Administrator, Clinical Operations, Women’s Center, Emory Healthcare


Raquel Elie-Pope, M.B.A., M.S.

Director of Marketing, Strada Education Network


Kristal Seymour, M.B.A.

Director of Transformational Change, Wellstar Health System


Nesha Zeigler, E.M.B.A.

Managing Director, Advocacy Wealth Management

Krystle Mitchell, P.M.B.A

Vice President, Mergers and Acquisition Integrations, Equifax