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About US

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Our mission is to encourage, educate and equip young, low-income women to be thriving, self-sustaining leaders and effective agents of economic growth within their communities.


Our vision is to reduce the rate of women and children living in poverty by creating pathways to economic mobility and by mobilizing women to advocate for systemic change.

Core Values

The success of Atlanta GLOW is derived from an engaged and dedicated board of directors, leadership and staff whose collaborative process and work environment are guided by the following core values:


  • Integrity. We remain true to our mission and work hard to produce quality, principled results for our constituents, supporters and funders.

  • Stewardship. We honor our donors and funders by being socially, financially and environmentally responsible.

  • Excellence. We strive to provide high-quality programs and strategies, basing our insights on experience, knowledge and data.

  • Transparency.  We operate openly and candidly and provide full disclosure on issues around conflict of interest, operations and funding practices.

  • Collaboration. We bring a collaborative spirit to all that we do, learning from the insights and leadership of others, and sharing openly what others may be able learn from us.

  • Empowerment. We mobilize resources and equip people to use their assets fully, to benefit themselves and their families, as well as to contribute to society.

  • Learning. We challenge each other to achieve the highest levels of excellence by investing in people and their continual growth.

  • Equality. We believe all people deserve dignity, respect and equitable access to justice, resources, opportunities, education and fairness.

  • Diversity. We believe in the value of engaging people from different backgrounds to work together towards social change and solutions.




As a group, women and girls of color (WGOC) live at the intersection of multiple systems of oppression, yet few programs and organizations focus on their unique experiences, challenges and needs. Atlanta GLOW's programs seek to fill this gap by examining the intersectional factors that both drive and deny their leadership cultivation and opportunities. Our programs then prioritize a multi-pronged approach to help lead and launch traditionally marginalized young WGOC towards lives filled with opportunities for personal fulfillment, upward mobility, civic engagement and career advancement.

Signature PROGRAMS 


Founded in 2014, Atlanta GLOW is a faith-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that serves low-income and/or young women and girls of color, ages 14-25, from marginalized communities. We want to see more girls grow up with the vision and motivation to change the pattern of poverty and challenge the system of inequality for themselves and future generations. Therefore, through our signature programming, Atlanta GLOW models and teaches the social-emotional, leadership and life skills they need to successfully transition to adulthood and become thriving, active members of society and agents of social and economic change in their communities. Our Leadership Education/Equity and Advancement Program (LEAP) initiatives focus on:

  • 1-on-1 & Group Mentoring. We connect young women with positive and professional role models who serve as advocates in helping them achieve their goals and make healthy decisions.

  • Life Skills Training. We help young women build the competencies and confidence they need to achieve self-sufficiency, set long-term goals, and lead healthy, productive lives.

  • Leadership Development. We expose young women to amazing leaders and engage them in youth-led civic engagement opportunities to help them make a difference in their communities.

  • Financial Literacy. We help young women learn all the basics of finance—including how to make money, budget and save—and empower them to take control of their financial future.

  • Workforce Development. We help young women overcome barriers to employment with paid, entry-level work readiness training and job placement opportunities.


Through our additional needs-based assistance programs, we also provide access to food, school, hygiene and period supplies to help fight food insecurity, period poverty and learning loss in underserved communities while promoting the health, safety and wellness of WGOC and their families.

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