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assistance programs

The Coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated numerous public health disparities: food access, health care, and, less frequently discussed, “period poverty.” Thanks to a host of philanthropic organizations, Atlanta GLOW is able to provide support to any of our participants who have been adversely impacted by this crisis through our Food and Household Supplies Assistance (FHSA) and Period+ programs. 


Our commitment to this work has become even more vital as our service communities experience increased hardships at an alarmingly higher disadvantage during the pandemic. Nevertheless, we at Atlanta GLOW look forward to continuing to invest in and support young women and girls through these challenges to give them the support, recognition, and skills they need to come through this more connected, resilient, and more powerful than ever before.  



To be eligible for need-based assistance offered through our FHSA and Period+ programs, applicants must be:


  1. A young woman (ages 14-40) or their parent/guardian; 

  2. A resident of the state of Georgia; AND

  3. Economically disadvantaged as demonstrated by participation in a public assistance and/or student aid program.


There is a maximum of up to one aid request per household per quarter.



Acceptable forms of proof of eligibility:

Medicaid/SNAP - Notice of Eligibility Decision
View Sample)

SSI/Disability Income - SSI Benefits Verification
View Sample)


Foster Care - Placement letter from DFCS / approved agency
View Sample)


Childcare and Parent Services - CAPS Certificate
View Sample)

Free/Reduced-Priced Lunch - Official Approval Letter from School District

(View Sample)

FAFSA Student Aid - Student Aid Report

(View Sample)

Proof of eligibility MUST:

  1. Be uploaded as a PNG, DOC, or PDF document (mobile camera images are not sufficient);

  2. Include the eligible parent/guardian and/or child(ren)’s name(s); AND

  3. Show CURRENT date of coverage.

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