Application Deadline: September 15, 2022

Atlanta GLOW mentors serve as positive role models who provide both inspiration and instruction. Through our six-month mentoring program, Atlanta GLOW engages youth and young adults in an individualized and community-based process that facilitates growth towards greater self-sufficiency and successful goal achievement through a guided series of exploration, life skills training, mentoring and futures planning.


Program Dates

This is a 6-month one-to-one mentorship program. The next cohort will be hosted October 1 – March 31. Monthly mentoring sessions are scheduled individually by each mentoring pair.

Program Location

We offer a hybrid mentoring format (virtual, phone, and/or in-person) based on the comfort level of each individual mentoring pair.

If meeting in-person at any time, both mentors and mentees must complete our COVID-19 Health Check the DAY OF their meeting. Further, Atlanta GLOW must first verify the license and insurance information of the driver BEFORE the scheduled session is to occur if planning to travel together in the same vehicle.

Program Format

  • 6 One-to-One Mentoring Sessions (1/Month)

  • Each Session Lasts 1 Hour

  • Sessions Held Monthly for 6 Months

  • Sessions Scheduled Individually 

Participants who successfully complete the 6-month program will have the opportunity to earn up to $200 in Earn and Learn program incentives upon program graduation.

Download Parental Consent Form

eligibility criteria

To participate in our programs, individuals must:

  • Be between the ages of 14-25

  • Obtain parental consent for participation (applicable for ages 14-17)

  • At minimum, be a HS or GED student or graduate

  • Reside in the metropolitan Atlanta area

  • Have a low- to moderate- household income

  • Be highly motivated to learn new skills

  • Commit to our program attendance policy

  • Communicate regularly with program staff/volunteers
  • Abide by all program policies and procedures

enrollment steps

To apply and enroll in any of our programs, individuals must complete the following steps within 30 days of the program start date:

  • Fill out our Program Application


For our life skills and mentoring programs, the following steps are additional:

  • Complete an Online Orientation and Completion Quiz

  • Take the Casey Life Skills Assessment (CLSA)

  • Review CLSA results virtually or by phone with program staff


Atlanta GLOW utilizes an Earn and Learn incentive program to reward participants for goal achievement and successful program completion. Participants earn a cash incentive for each curriculum component they successfully complete (e.g., training and mentoring sessions), allowing them to supplement their income and/or build assets as they make learning, development and personal growth a priority. They can also earn bonus dollars by completing volunteer projects or community service activities. All incentives are distributed to participants on upon successful program completion. 

attendance policy

Our attendance policy allows for up to 1 excused  absence for our Mentoring, Leadership and Financial Literacy Programs; and up to 2 excused absences for our Life Skills Training Program.  We understand that emergencies happen and students may need to be excused from class. We ask that students communicate any anticipated absence with our program staff and make arrangements to make up any missed work. Girls who miss the maximum number of program sessions allowable may be removed from the program and/or forfeit part or all of the allotted program incentives.