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Atlanta GLOW issue briefs feature important issues facing our service communities including key definitions, policies, actions, recommendations and resources. Download and read our issue briefs to learn more and find out how to engage with these key issues to create real change.

Atlanta GLOW Issue Briefing Menstrual Equity.png

august 2023


What is Menstrual Equity? Menstrual Equity is the affordability, accessibility and safety of menstrual products for all people – including laws and policies – that acknowledge and consider menstruation. What is Period Poverty? Period Poverty is the limited or inadequate access to menstrual products or menstrual health education as a result of financial constraints or negative socio-cultural stigmas associated with menstruation...

Issue Briefing Marketing Graphic Voting Rights.png

MARCH 2024


The right to vote is one of the most basic promises of our democracy. In a democratic government, every person is considered equal and is empowered to both participate in their government and speak on the issues that impact their daily lives. Through our votes, we’re able to express our values around concerns like health care, climate change, criminal justice, taxes, and so much more...

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