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leadership circle

Vice President Kamala Harris told us she will not be the last woman to lead at one of the highest levels of office. Together, we all can work together to ensure that the next generation of Black women and girls are ready to step into new levels of leadership. Therefore, Atlanta GLOW's Leadership Circle is youth-centered leadership advisory group for high school and college girls with a passion for community service or volunteering. Participants learn how their MBTI personality type and leadership strengths collide, how to become an influential leader, and how to create and build their own social or cause-focused enterprise.


Our program also features a variety of guest speakers, interactive presentations, and youth-led discussions that empower young, Black and low-income women and girls to influence local improvements in women's education, employment, housing and health outcomes. Our program equips participants to be the next generation of public servants and changemakers by providing creative service learning opportunities and a platform that amplifies their voices on the issues and policies that affect them, their families, and communities.

Program Eligibility

Please visit our Program Eligibility page for the criteria required for participation in Atlanta GLOW's programs.

Download Parental Consent Form - English

Download Parental Consent Form - Espanol

Program Dates

Our program meets twice monthly throughout the school year on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at 5:00 pm EST via Zoom. An in-person service learning activity is hosted at the conclusion of each semester. Sessions are not held during the Summer or Winter breaks.

Program Location

The core six sessions of our program are hosted virtually via Zoom. A final in-person service learning activity is hosted in person at our Mentoring Cafe in Marietta. 

Program Format

September - November: Live, Web-based Sessions

  • The first semester focuses on understanding leadership, identifying leadership styles, understanding personality type and appreciating differences, and using type to develop leadership capacity.

  • In-person service learning activity is hosted at the end of the semester.  


February - April: Live, Web-based Sessions

  • The second semester focuses on becoming an impactful influencer and creating a social or cause-focused enterprise.

  • In-person service learning activity is hosted at the end of the semester.  


Transportation assistance and refreshments are provided for in-person sessions.


Onboarding Process

Upon receipt of a program application, we require applicants to complete a 60- to 90-minute MBTIComplete assessment and online overview. Both steps are required in order to be admitted to the program. Participants may join at any point in the semester.

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